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Legal Math  

This program includes a collection of law practice related math applications.  It includes a very specialized program to calculate interest on past due child support and other situations involving irregular charges and payments.  It has settings to configure for calculation method differences for Colorado, California, Washington, Oregon, Illinois, Oklahoma, Indiana, Texas (and every other State, as well).  In use by Law Firms, Courts and Child Support Agencies throughout the USA for nearly 20 years.

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New Mexico Child Support
This program calculates child support under New Mexico law.  The program is brand new and pretty cool.  It will soon be used by family law attorneys  throughout New Mexico.

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Oklahoma Child Support
This program calculates child support under Oklahoma law.  The program is a stand alone program not dependent upon any other software.  Widely used throughout Oklahoma.  Updated for changes effective July 1, 2009.

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Colorado Child Support

This program calculates child support under Colorado law.  The program is used by nearly all family law attorneys and state court judges throughout Colorado.
This program is now available from the related web site: www.colochildsupport.com



Colorado Workers Comp Math
 A program to calculate present value of a PTD claim, present value of a PPD claim, and to calculate interest on unpaid and past due TTD benefits under Colorado law. (Version 2010) 

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[Effective January 19, 2010, WC Math is free. Optional PayPal contribution requested.]

February 26, 2014

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