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  Before purchasing this desktop program, you should know that the features of Legal Math are now available as a web service.  With this new service, which is based on Legal Math, you can use your favorite modern browser, on PCs, Apple, and Android devices to do the same tasks performed by the desktop version of Legal Math.  Details can be found at www.math4law.com You can start your free one month trial now. No credit card required.   


If you want to continue with the purchase of the desktop version of Legal Math, you can begin the process by clicking the credit card icon below.

When you make your  purchase, you will have the opportunity to purchase up to four additional user licenses. These licenses are required if you wish to install the Legal Math program on more than one computer. If you require more than five user licenses, please contact Custom Legal Software for volume pricing.

Price: $149.00  (Add $85 for a total of $234 for a license for two users or computers; add $65 more for a total of $299 for a site license for up to five users or computers.  Above five, additional licenses, up to a total of 20, may be purchased for $45 each. Call or write for pricing for site licensing for more than 20 total.)

Start here:
In order to purchase the program, you must select one of the following two payment options:
  1. You can make an secure automated credit card payment through this web site.  This automated process will then furnish you with an activation code and take you to a screen on this web site where you can download and begin using the program. You will also be given the choice to have the program mailed to you on a CD Rom.
    Choose this option if you want to start using the program right away.
    Click here or on the credit card icon to begin the secure automated credit card payment process.


  2. Or, you may send a check or your credit card information by regular mail. After your payment has been received, your activation code will be sent to you via email. Once you have your activation code you can then download and begin using the program.
    Click here to begin the process for payment by mail. This process will furnish you with a personalized form which you can fill out and send by mail to Custom Legal Software.  The information requested on the next screens will not be shared with others or used to contact you in any way.


Still have questions? Call us at 303-443-2634 to discuss these options further or to make other payment arrangements.  Better yet, send an email to bill@legalmath.com
Select the first option to purchase the program using our secure automated credit card payment system.

October, 2018