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Legal Math Program Update Warning

If you have elected to download the Legal Math program (Version 2007) before making payment arrangements and before obtaining an Activation Code for Version 2007, please read and follow the instructions on this page.
  • New users and existing users of Version 2007:  If you are wanting to download Version 2007 to become a new user of the program or because you need to replace a previously purchased Version 2007, then this Warning screen is not for you, and you can proceed to the download process now.
  • Users wanting to update from a version earlier than Version 2007:  If you are updating from a prior version (pre-2007 Windows version, you will need to obtain a new Activation Code before you will actually be able to use the program.
Therefore, you can download, but do not "install" your new program until you have called the home office to make payment arrangements and to get your new Activation Code.
Why not?
Here's why not: This program, when installed, will replace the older Windows version of the program.  The newer version uses a different Activation Code.  The older Windows version of the program will be gone and the new program will not work until you make payment arrangements and obtain the new Activation Code.  This web site works longer and more regular hours than do the employees of this operation.  There is no guarantee that you can get a new Activation Code immediately when you call.  You might be able to, but you might not.
You can avoid this dilemma by using the on line credit card payment option.  When you use the credit card option you will be furnished an Activation Code on this web site, right here and now.
Clarification:  The old program is not affected by "downloading" the new program.  Rather it is affected after you download and when you actually "install" the new program.  It is perfectly okay to download the program now.  Just be prepared to wait on installing it until you have your new Activation Code in hand. [Not meaning to be insulting, but some of you will not know the difference between "downloading" and "installing".  That is okay.  You are undoubtedly good at what you do best, which is practicing law.  But, if you have doubts, then either get help or use the on line credit card option.]

Proceed to the screen where you can download the program.
Return to the page where you can start over and use the on line credit card payment option and get your new Activation Code right away.

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